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Emma Butler
Move Airtable Data to Google Sheets (3 best tools 2019)

Airtable is an awesome database tool that is user-friendly and quite..

Emma Butler
4 Tools to Connect Zendesk to Google Sheets

Does someone from another team (product or engineering team members) want to..

Emma Butler
Best 4 Ways to Connect MySQL to Google Sheets

Exporting data from MySQL to Google Sheets can be great for visualizing your..

Emma Butler
5 No-Code Ways to Export Salesforce Data (Google Sheets & CSV)

Need to export data from Salesforce to a spreadsheet, but don’t want to..

Emma Butler
The Top 4 Tools to Import Live Data to Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are the easiest way to manipulate and visualize your data.

Emma Butler
Easy MySQL Export to CSV

If you’re trying to export data from your SQL server to Google Sheets,..

Emma Butler
From Coinmarketcap to Google Sheets Without any Code

You’d like to get live cryptocurrencies data from coinmarketcap into google..

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