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Jonathan Parisot
What is a Relational Database (and how can it help you to be a workplace hero)

It is very likely that the company where you work uses a relational database..

Jonathan Parisot
Announcing Mailchimp Integration with Actiondesk

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing software out there...

Jonathan Parisot
The story of a failed launch (Or, why we're going back to closed beta)

6 weeks ago, we launched the public beta of our product Actiondesk on..

Jonathan Parisot
How Actiondesk reached +1,600 upvotes on Product Hunt

A bit more than 1 month ago, we launched our public beta on Product Hunt and..

Jonathan Parisot
How Actiondesk participates in the rise of "No code"

Product Hunt’s founder Ryan Hoover recently wrote an article about The rise..

Jonathan Parisot
How to program automated alerts before one of your monthly subscriptions ends with Actiondesk

The problem: It’s hard to keep track of your subscriptions

Jonathan Parisot
How Gymlib achieves a 360° view of their business customers in their CRM thanks to Actiondesk

"Actiondesk enables us to gather relevant and actionable KPIs for each our..

Jonathan Parisot
Infography: 9 alternatives to Zapier compared

Over the past 20 years, the trend in software has shifted from big,..

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