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Emma Butler
How My Love for Pizza and Croissants Brought Me to Y Combinator

Our content marketer, Emma Butler, shares her story about what brought her..

Jonathan Parisot
How We Set up a Private Beta Funnel Using Typeform (and increased our conversion rate tenfold!)

Invite only onboarding processes seem to gain more and more traction. In..

Emma Butler
Move Airtable Data to Google Sheets (3 best tools 2019)

Airtable is an awesome database tool that is user-friendly and quite..

Emma Butler
The Easiest 3 Ways to Connect Hubspot to Google Sheets

Do you want to get the most out of your Hubspot data by pushing it to Google..

Emma Butler
How to connect MySQL to Salesforce (Best 4 Tools)

Are you a salesperson or account manager who kills it with Salesforce but..

Emma Butler
4 Tools to Connect Zendesk to Google Sheets

Does someone from another team (product or engineering team members) want to..

Emma Butler
4 Tools to Connect PostgreSQL to Google Sheets

In search of a better way to visualize/ manage/ manipulate your data from..

Emma Butler
Best 4 Ways to Connect MySQL to Google Sheets

Exporting data from MySQL to Google Sheets can be great for visualizing your..

Emma Butler
5 No-Code Ways to Export Salesforce Data (Google Sheets & CSV)

Need to export data from Salesforce to a spreadsheet, but don’t want to..

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